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31 Aug by Eliza Gonzalez

How To Choose A Good Bread

In recent years the types of bread have increased and the establishments where you can buy it. For this reason, it is essential to choose well and not give us a hoot.

As a general rule, the most advisable is artisan bread, but it is not always easy to distinguish. In the bread made in an artisan and traditional way, we will find higher quality, natural ingredients, and more patient preparation.

These are some of the characteristics of good bread:

Although it seems silly, the bread must smell like bread, if not, it is because it has not rested long enough for the acids that give it its peculiar smell to develop.

Look at its shape; the irregularity of the bread is a guarantee of authenticity, and of being made by hand, industrial bread is all the same.

Its crust has to be crisp and dark in color. Also, the bread must weigh and be dense, the lighter it will be for the stomach.

To know if it has been baked in a stone oven, you must look at the sole; it must be smooth, the loaves with a mesh sole have been baked in an oven with a fan with an industrial type production.

The crumbs of artisan bread have large holes, thanks to the fact that in artisan ovens, the cooking is transmitted almost from the base of the bread to the inside, and this causes irregular and larger holes.

And remember to choose a good bread not only is it enough to see it, you have to touch it, smell it and almost feel it.…