How To Get The Most Out Of Baking

1 Sep by Eliza Gonzalez

How To Get The Most Out Of Baking

Confectionery covers many marketing channels. From a pastry shop in a city to a chain of large food stores, passing through the most famous restaurants' desserts. If they have something in common, all pastries have the quality of building customer loyalty.

In pastry shops

If we refer to a pastry shop, there is no doubt that it is the protagonist. However, for this reason, we should not neglect management:

  • Establish your style: the author’s workshop must be differentiated from industrial processes. Unique and quality flavors and designs that make customers seek the product as a specialty.
  • Analyze the result: knowing which are the most successful is not difficult. Reinforcing these production lines and improving them or offering new varieties on them are actions that reinforce sales and improve the influx of regular customers.
  • Introduce novelties regularly: in addition to allowing us to probe the reception of our creations, we transmit values ​​such as creativity, study, and professionalism, or love of work to our regular customers.
  • Offer personalized creations: in them, we can work on tastes and with very defined purposes. They allow us to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Confectionery in food chains

In large and medium-sized food chains, pastry, cakes, and pastries have become one of the main attractions for customers. For this reason, it is important to optimize those aspects that especially affect the general public.

  • Put special detail in the display on the counters with visually attractive presentations and maximum order.
  • Completely separate the bakery product from the industrial bakery.
  • Accentuate the feature of freshly made.
  • Establish promotions on the elaborations with the greatest demand and on the news.

Baking In Restaurants And Hotels

Dessert is the perfect ending to a good meal. For years it has acquired an important role since it ideally lends itself to new creative trends.

  • Give it its prominence from the beginning: often, only the dessert menu is presented at the end, and this means that, at that point, some of the diners are satiated by leaning towards a simple and light dessert or even eliminating it. It is important to suggest to them from the first moment and make their qualities known.
  • Offer a separate dessert menu: give them preferential attention. All the food will be oriented to accommodate that dessert and will pair perfectly with it.
  • Establish some desserts as a hallmark of the house, but introduce and suggest novelties: constant creativity is one of a restaurant's hallmarks.
  • Mini-desserts and tasting desserts: the concept of a minimal kitchen in which customers can taste everything from the most classic to the most innovative desserts in a harmonious set is always a formula for success.

We wanted to give some good advice on how to get the most out of baking. There is no doubt that for this, it is essential that as a professional in the sector, you always use the best raw materials in your elaborations.

31 Aug by Eliza Gonzalez

How To Choose A Good Bread

In recent years the types of bread have increased and the establishments where you can buy it. For this reason, it is essential to choose well and not give us a hoot.

As a general rule, the most advisable is artisan bread, but it is not always easy to distinguish. In the bread made in an artisan and traditional way, we will find higher quality, natural ingredients, and more patient preparation.

These are some of the characteristics of good bread:

Although it seems silly, the bread must smell like bread, if not, it is because it has not rested long enough for the acids that give it its peculiar smell to develop.

Look at its shape; the irregularity of the bread is a guarantee of authenticity, and of being made by hand, industrial bread is all the same.

Its crust has to be crisp and dark in color. Also, the bread must weigh and be dense, the lighter it will be for the stomach.

To know if it has been baked in a stone oven, you must look at the sole; it must be smooth, the loaves with a mesh sole have been baked in an oven with a fan with an industrial type production.

The crumbs of artisan bread have large holes, thanks to the fact that in artisan ovens, the cooking is transmitted almost from the base of the bread to the inside, and this causes irregular and larger holes.

And remember to choose a good bread not only is it enough to see it, you have to touch it, smell it and almost feel it.…

30 Aug by Eliza Gonzalez

Bake Succulent Bread: Tips From Expert Bakers That You Should Not Miss

Undoubtedly, each baker has its secrets and “tricks” to give their bread a unique flavor. Some will use a specific brand of yeast, others will rely on the texture of their bread or the bakery equipment they have, and there will be those who just follow the family tradition.

But most deal with situations that complicate processes, which can be facilitated with simple and practical ideas. Thus, Europan set out to find various quality tips so that the bread you extract from your ovens have an unbeatable flavor.

A happy yeast guarantees a feast.

Yeast is a very special ingredient that needs its “time and space” to give its best. Be generous with her; you will appreciate it. If you are about to use active dry yeast, test it first to see if it is still alive and active.

Simple and fresh yeast

When you are gathering the ingredients for your recipe, be sure to use fresh, high-quality products. After all, they are the foundation of your bakery, and if they don’t have these features, you won’t get a good result even with the best convection ovens.

Less is more

Don’t add a lot of yeast to your dough. The best bread dough should be a little sticky to the touch, but not saturated with it.

It is also recommended that you know what type of kneading you are going to carry out, as it can be the difference between the quality of one bread and another; For example, using bread mixers allows you to have your hands free to carry out other activities: it optimizes costs and labor without sacrificing taste, texture, and care.

Make your work easier.

Coat your hands and your tray with a little oil. This will make the process of shaping the loaves much easier.

Test your dough

Sometimes it is difficult to know the exact moment when your bread mixers should stop. To guess, firmly chop the dough with your finger. If the dough falls back into place, it’s time to turn off your mixers!

The perfect crust

Although your bakery equipment has a lot to do with the texture you get in your bread, there are a few tricks to guarantee the result you expect.

  • For a crispy crust, brush the dough with water before you put it in your convection oven.
  • For a shiny crust, beat an egg with a tablespoon of water and brush your dough before baking it.
  • For a smooth crust, brush your dough with milk or melted butter after you bake it.

Bake with love

Baking is a relaxing experience that can be shared with your family and friends. If you can, share it from time to time with them, because there is nothing that one more than a delicious freshly baked bread.